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  06. 09. 2005

The fifth and last day of the Bahn-DM in Hamburg was another fight about medals. Robert Bartko, Guido Fulst, Leif Lampater and Karl-Christian König of the US Financial Team won the team pursuit ahead of the TEAG Team Köstritzer and KED Bianchi.

  01. 09. 2005

More Pictures from the Bahn-DM in Hamburg: the third and fourth day were as exciting as the ones before and brought decisions in the point race, sprint, keirin, team pursuit and much more. Here you'll find the pictures of the hard competing cyclists.

  25. 08. 2005

Rain, rain and rain: this year´s HEW Cyclassics wasn´t a race for riders that don´t like to become wet. Finally, the QuickStep-sunnyboys Filippo Pozzato and Luca Paolini from Bella Italia won the competition.

  24. 08. 2005

The second day of the Bahn-DM in Hamburg was dominated by the junior´s competitions. But even the men and the woman hat to show that they were in good shape.
In addition to thisyou'll find the pictures of the 5th and final stage of the Rheinland-Pfalz Rundfahrt.

  03. 08. 2005

Following a wish in our guestbook, we now brought pictures of the final stage of the Sachsen-Tour online for you. Within the next weeks, more photos of the HEW Cyclassics, the Nacht von Hannover, the Tour de Luxembourg and some other small criteriums will follow. So don´t forget to visit our homepage again...

  31. 07. 2005

While in Thüringen Orange was the leading colour, Blue dominated the Rheinland-Pfalz Rundfahrt. The individual timetrial was won by Stefan Schumacher, followed by the two Gerolsteiner cyclists Michael Rich and Fabian Wegmann.

  29. 07. 2005
  After winning the prologue, the young guns of Team Rabobank also dominated the first stage of the Thüringen-Rundfahrt. Tom Leezer, who won the stage, was falsely announced as Tom Veleers. Shit happens...

  21. 07. 2005

On May 7th, the Thüringen-Rundfahrt U23 started inWeimar, the city of poets and philosophers. We have no idea what Goethe and Schiller would have thought about the wild bunch of upcoming cyclists. Maybe they would even have written a little poet about the prologue, won by Tom Stamsnijder (Rabobank) ...

  29. 05. 2005

The Großer Preis von Buchholz is always a very special combination of cycling and barbecue. This year Fabian Wegmann managed to get the winners trophy. Click here to see 80 new photos of the race.

  12. 05. 2005

Today´s update: 98 new photos of the Oddset-Rundfahrt
(stage five).
Next planned races: Großer Preis von Buchholz, Thüringen U23 and Rheinland-Pfalz-Rundfahrt.

  30. 04. 2005
  Stage four of the Oddset-Rundfahrt wasn´t only dominated by the professionals, there were also lots of hobby-cyclists.
If you prefer watching only the pros, click here.

  27. 04. 2005
  Some more photos of the Oddset-Rundfahrt 2005: Björn Papstein (Team Lamonta) won the third stage from Wolfsburg to Herzberg.

  26. 04. 2005

Davitamon-Lotto´s Aussie Robbie McEwen won the second stage of the Oddset-Rundfahrt 2005. The stage started in Burgdorf an finished in Wolfsburg. Click here to see the pictures (some more of stage three, four and five will follow as soon as possible).

  04. 04. 2005
  Lovely weather and a hard race: that was this year´s Rund um Koeln. Click here to see lots of pictures of the winner David Kopp and lots of other pro´s.

  23. 03. 2005
  Maybe George Hincapie only won Kuurne-Bruxelles-Kuurne to get lots of kisses from these nice podium-girls.... well, we don´t know. But here are the pictures of the race.

  06. 03. 2005
  Stormy and cold weather dominated this year´s belgian race Omloop Het Volk - but that didn´t stop Nick Nuyens. Click here to see the pictures from his victory.

  03. 03. 2005
  On February 25th, Hanna visited Team ComNet-Senges Presentation in Stolberg.
Click here to see some pictures of all the lovely boys... ;-)

  22. 01. 2005

New year, new luck… - at least for Jens Schwedler. On 9th January in Kleinmachnow, he won the German Cyclo-Cross Championships. The 2nd place went to Johannes Sickmüller and the bronce medal to Reto Matt. Here you'll find some impressions of this event.

  06. 10. 2004

Now it's there: the 8th Cap This! Today with a pictures of worldchampion and Olympia winner Robert Bartko.

  20. 09. 2004

The first stage of the Niedersachsen-Rundfahrt brought Danilo Hondo nice memories: he was first on the finishline and won the yellow jersey. Here's where you'll find all the pictures from this stage.

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  07. 09. 2004

After a summerbreak (to many races to less time) we're back again with an update. You'll now find the first pictures of this years Niedersachsen-Rundfahrt - the teampresentation in Wolfsburg.

  07. 08. 2004

Nearly as promised: a new Cap This has just gone live. This time featuring a scene from the teampresentation of ComNet Senges.
Also a big part of the archive 2003 has returned.

  09. 07. 2004

Just a small update for a small race: the 1.5er race "Rund um Düren" which was won by german cyclist David Kopp in April.

  02. 07. 2004

Ever got a little mad 'cause the Cap This-Button wasn't working? Now that's past: We proudly present Cap This in the English version. Just click here to find out more...

  02. 06. 2004

Better late than never: Some pictures of last year's HEW Cyclassics (Hamburg) and the criterium "Nacht von Hannover".

  29. 05. 2004

Rund um Köln sucks - at least Addy Engels seems to think that way. We don't know why he was in such bad mood that day... . Luckily all the other riders had a lot of fun. Click here

  28. 04. 2004

Official Opening of the season 2004: Three things dominated the race Köln-Schuld-Frechen: rain, icecold wind and the Team Lamonta. But not only the Pro-Cyclists, even the youngsters (though sometimes the bike seemed to be bigger than the rider) showed their best.

  09. 04. 2004

Just a little update today: some new pics from the presentation of our german GSIII-Team ComNet Senges. That´s it, we´re off for our fist race!

  28. 03. 2004

Just in time (more or less) for's first birthday, we have redone the whole thing: the new layout is finished and we have added an english-language page for those who are more comfortable with that language. The Photo Archive is not yet ready but will be back soon.


We would especially like to thank: Susan, who actively helped with the translating; Heike, who more or less forced us into going online earlier than we planned because of her Sherlock-Holmes qualities; the pro cyclists, (most of) whom voluntarily let themselves be photographed; and of course, all those who have visited Peloton-Pictures and will, we hope, continue to do so.

Lina & Hanna

PS: For our "page"warming, instead of a virtual glass of champagne, we offer some new photos of the Team Lamonta presentation.

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